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Travelling to Cuba was high on my list for a number of years. Some good friends had recommended it as an ideal holiday for a two-week break. Apart from its fascinating political history. To properly explore most of the island would take at least double if not triple that amount, but two weeks is a good starting point to explore the culture, fun and colourful Cuban experience.

Havana is a perfect start and end location as most international flights will end up here, however, you may go straight to Varadero if exploring the south of the island. It’s endless culture and vibrancy and easily allows for 3/4 days of exploration. However the rest of Cuba is equally worthwhile, so don’t linger too long. Get to the mountains of Vinales, the colourful streets of Trinidad, or the nightlife of Camaguey, scuba dive in Caribean sea or go horse trekking in the national parks.

The people and ‘craic’ is incredible, their hospitality and kindness are evident in everyday life, however, they will try and make money any ways they can. This is not a rich country. Behind all the enjoyment there are also long and poor queuing systems to use the internet (I suggest reading about the internet prior to travelling to wrap your head around Cuban internet), Havana prostitutes and sex tourism in general, and also the food. The cuisine is easily the least desirable thing about Cuba. At best, it is bland and mediocre. At worst, it’s inedible. Nevermind you may have to queue for 45 minutes before getting a table at even the most standard of restaurants.

Despite the above, two weeks in Cuba will leave you energised, passionate and hungry for more Cuban culture. Here are a few photos I took from our route.