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Cape Town No Water

Recently visited the stunning city of Cape Town, South Africa which, you may have heard is suffering a serve water shortage over the last number of months. It’s got beyond just a problem and now is causing serious implications to tourism, local businesses, their exports and the people living there.

As an eco-conscious person in general, saving and reducing water consumption wasn’t a big deal. However, come April, the entire water network will be switched off, leaving residents frustrated and creating a damaging reputation for any potential overseas visitors. Despite this, Cape Town is still one of the most beautiful, diverse and charming cities in the world.

The mother city, as it is often referred to, lies near the southernmost tip of Africa, and because of this location, visitors come to visit the neighbouring stunning coastlines and landscapes. With only three days to explore the city, it was important to keep active and plan accordingly. Visiting during weekdays meant we probably didn’t experience the nightlife we would have hoped for but still enjoyed plenty of beverages! South Africa is obviously famous for its wines, so no visit would be complete without a tour of some of the local wineries.

Above everything else is the absolute must climb of Table Mountain. On a clear day head up in the afternoon and stay for hours exploring the views and stunning landscapes, which all become particularly ‘instagramable’ come sundown. It’s not an overly difficult climb and worth getting the cable car back down when it gets dark. Bring plenty of water (that is if there’s any left)