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Exploring Wild Atlantic Way

As someone who’s not only passionate about exploring this great little country of Ireland, I’m also very active in highlighting it’s beauty by recommending it to fellow travelers. From living abroad to traveling the world, I’ve always felt an inherent need to help promote it in any way I can. My photos aim to do just this.

Of course, exploring Ireland whether by foot or car is also a love of mine, and I’m grateful (with the exception of one or two places) to have ticked most of the countries hotspots off my bucket list. This was often trips planned on a whim, driving down little roads that I didn’t know would lead to a hidden beach, or taking the wrong turn and ending up in a tiny pub for the night.

I’ve never been too fond of travel guidebooks, purely on the basis that they’re too bulky to carry around, full of mish-mash history and long-winded text that can often struggle to portray the reality of the country. It also never appealed to me to pick up one for my own country. By and large, they tend not to be very visually appealing and often too elaborate to navigate. They also generally appeal to what I’d call an upper-class traveler, promoting expensive hotels and touristy experiences that pay for exposure.

This isn’t the case, I’m happy to say for a travel guidebook I recently received, “Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way”. The book is easily one of the most beautiful on the shelves, in terms of its layout and photography. The pictures within the book sell the “Irish experience” better than any words could. It’s perfect for overseas visitors, and indeed locals, looking to navigate the west of Ireland and its rugged coastlines.

As an active person and avid hiker, it’s full of tips and routes to explore, but also gives plenty of info on mountain biking, surfing, kayaking and more. Its aimed at people who enjoy the outdoors and most of its information is things you can do for free; exploring beaches and taking walks.

The next time you’re looking for ideas for a weekend adventure be sure to consult this guide for planning and whilst on the road. It is full of spectacular photos, helpful maps and detailed information on the best sights to see, from the bottom of Cork’s most famous landmarks to the hidden gems along Donegal’s 1,134km stretch of coastline.