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Top Photo Spots in Northern Ireland

By August 20, 2013March 9th, 2015Travel

Top Photo Spots in Northern Ireland

After a recent change of scenery (and work opportunities) to the North of Ireland, I’ve been blessed with some fantastic sunrises, sunsets and day trips to various scenic locations around the small 6 counties. Among them is the fantastic city of Belfast (where I’m currently situated). A buzzing cultural and historical spot, perfect for taking snapshots of city life and people.

Steeped in history and the “troubles” many Irish people view Belfast with a sense of hesitation and negative connotations. If anything its one of the safest cities I’ve ever been to. The people are fantastic, the pub culture is buzzing and every weekend holds a different cultural festival for everyones taste.

Outside the big cities of Northern Ireland lies an ambuandance of small towns and tourist destinations. ┬áThe stunning Northern coast of Antrim offers a delight of castles, cliffs and natural wonders. Here I’ve captured a few images from my time in this part of Ireland. Even though it was always right on my doorstep, it’s only now that I’ve finally taken the time to see this part of my home.

Top Photo spots in Northern Ireland:

1) The inner streets and hidden gems of Belfast

bicycle_workshop_belfast samson_and_golaith

2) The beautiful Mourne mountains in Co.Down. Dotted all along the route of the Mournes is the stone wall, perfect for some foreground activity in your shots.



3) The steep climb and panoramic views of Cave Hill. The most rewarding views take in both the hill face and the views of Belfast.



4) The coastline of Northern Antrim with castles, beaches and steep cliff faces. Not to mention the Giants Causeway. This particular spot by Dunluce castle is the perfect place for long exposures at sunset.

top photo spots in northern ireland coast


5) The Giants Causeway

giants causeway photography