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Sydney I approached, I have to say, with a certain anxiety. Not so much because its an incredibly large overwhelming city, but more so how I could survive the city. It’s *incredibly* expensive, leaving me, largely, dependent on the wonderful generosity and hospitality of a range of friends that live here. So how does one handle Sydney on a shoestring.

So the verdict; hmmmm…

sydney on a shoestring

Its not quite New York or London, and it certainly isn’t as hip or cool as Melbourne but its got it’s charm. The beaches and harbour area are simply fantastic, and its here where the ‘buzz’ of the city lies. The Opera house, Darling harbour, the harbour bridge, Bondi beach, Coogee beach and so forth leaves you in no doubt that ‘yes, I’m in Australia!‘.

The CBD itself though I found a little less inspiring, and the nightlife: unless you’re looking to get punched in the face in Kings Cross or dress like a hipster on Oxford street you will most likely find yourself in a classy upscale bar with men in business suits sipping champagne and looking down on you like the homeless person you are

After almost 3 weeks in the city and almost every corner walked up and down (twice) I’m ready to leave OZ.

A trip to Australia can be a little like the old adage about packing – put on your bed everything you think you need to take and then halve it. I had great intentions before I took off on this trip to visit the outback, see Uluru (Ayers rock), dive on the great barrier reef and then walk across Sydney’s harbour bridge. This is simply impossible. The distances in Australia are vast and getting from A to B is certainly not backpacker friendly. And to be honest, despite the idea of earning big money in Sydney (doing jobs a monkey could do) I feel I have little desire to see more…and my last few days leave a bitter taste in my mouth…

I’m already dreaming of the colours of India and a Thai massage.

sydney on a shoestring