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In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement across the world, we wanted to do something to help spread awareness of the issue within Ireland and at the same time, help promote Irish artists in a very difficult time within the music scene. Working off a practical zero budget, we teamed up with a good friend Janet Tankuz who had a concept for a visual piece.

Inspired by her own expereinces with racism in Dublin, the idea of having to look a certain way in order to be deemed Irish was the central idea. To bring this to life we had a simple setup of a black female performer and a green tin of paint to evoke this idea of Irishness.

Finding Denise’s track of “Duel Citizenship” was a truly organic. An encounter through her record label on a different music video shoot gave us the introduction we needed, and she gave her blessing for the music video.

Finding Andrea was again another blessing. We had been inspired by some of her previous work and was really waiting on a project like this to collaborate on. Her energy and passion and work ethic is incredible and along with our DOP Joseph Ingersoll, Focus Puller Karl Walsh and Stylist Nadia Mohammed it was a really great team to have onboard.

It was important that both the visuals and words were equally balanced and one didn’t distract from the other. We wanted a very simple visual style, that would bring justice to both the concept and the beautiful words of Denise.

“We are the same stem with different leaves, the same heart with different dreams, the same love with different means. The same journey, just with different wings”.

Lyrics by Denise Chaila

Performance: Andrea Williams

Production: Taller Stories

Director: Steve Sheehy

Producer: Colin Brady

Camera: Joseph Ingersoll

Focus Puller: Karl Walsh

Concept: Janet Takuz

Styling: Nadia Mohamed

Music produced by MuRli

Watch the video below: