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During the early stages of Lockdown, I wanted to do something slightly different to a lot of the video content out there and give a refreshing and uplifting voice to all the struggling businesses in my area. It was super challenging to shoot as restrictions were still limiting to what I could use and where and how we could film. This overall message I hope will be one of positivity and resilience and show how innovative and creative people HAVE to be when the pressure is on.

Lockdown Locals

A look at how some small buinesses in Dublin are adapting to lockdown#supportlocal #lockdown

Posted by Taller Stories on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Some of the businesses include:

Now that a lot of lockdown restrictions have eased, it appears a lot more businesses are open to new ways of working and fingers crossed can survive the next few months.

If anything please support your local shop, bar, clothing stores or restaurants and cafes as without them whether there is no community.