Neon Hong Kong

By February 3, 2016 Gallery

What I love about Asia, after the food of course, is its advertisements. Tacky product placement, bizarre TV commercials, poor grammar translations and of course neon lights. Hong Kong is full to the brim of neon in every street corner, but most populated within the Temple Street night markets. I’m working on a project about these lights at the moment, but here’s some photos that prove truth to my words…

hong-kong-neon-lights-travel-blogger hong-kong-neon-lights-travel-blogger-irish hong-kong-neon-lights-travel-blogger-show hong-kong-neon-lights-travel-blogger hong-kong-neon-lights-travel-blogger hong-kong-neon-lights-travel-blogger

hong-kong-neon-lights-7 hong-kong-neon-lights-travel-blogger hong-kong-neon-lights-4 china-neon-steven-sheehy hong-kong-neon-lights-2