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Trekking in Patagonia Argentina: So we find ourselves staying in the cheapest hostel in town with no roof- the heavyset man on the roof starts banging things at 8am, which makes a perfect wakeup call for the many treks you can do right at your doorstep here in El Chalten. If you get lucky with a clear bright day, this place is the most spectacular place in Patagonia.
Day treks takes us to Lagoa Torres (24KM), drinking glacier mini icebergs and lazing on giant rocks enjoying the views of clouds rolling over the peaks and snowy glaciers that look like cartoon paintings. The clouds twist and turn in a mesmerizing fashion. The next trek we power through the more picturesque trail of Lagoa dos Tres (26KM or more), with woodpeckers, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, frozen lakes, and a rewarding stunning view of Fitz Roy with its turquoise blue lakes. After the aches and pains begin to set in, we take our third day to trek to the nearby Chorillo Del Salto, a stunning hidden waterfall where we took a snoozy siesta at the mouth of the falls

Tom and Guy

While the surrounding landscape was more than enough to excite us, the quirky town filled with makeshift poorly built houses, delicious food and wildlife just makes this a really cool cool place..that was until Day 4.

I start Day 4 with the usual application of 50+ sun cream, and step outside take a deep breath with overflowing optimism for another great day on the mountains. Today, however, the winds are particularly strong. Super strong. Rocks-in-the-face strong. Two thirds of the way up Luma del Pliegue Tumbado it opens the heavens (proving Patagonia can have all the seasons in one day), The fierce winds become so strong I’m forced to take cover under a forest where I temporarily fall asleep. As soon as I drifted off, I awake suddenly to hear the cracking of the trees branches above me as it appears ready to collapse. On the descent after 2 or so hours its difficult to even move one foot forward. Its darkness before I make it back to the visitor center where the trail begins. I look around for anyone to moan about my freezing aches and pains, but I find myself all alone among some locals. It was an easy to sleep 30 hour bus journey up north towards warmer climates. For now, its goodbye to snow and exercise, and hello to mouth watering ice cream and traditional Argentinean chocolates.