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For anyone who grew up in South Dublin, or who have kids or even grandkids in the area, there’s one face (and sound) you’ll always be happy to come across. For the last 49 years, Mr.Ripple has been playing the same old tune around Dublin, to the excitement of kids and for the memories of generations.

Mr Ripple is a short documentary following ice-cream man John Taylor during one of his daily rounds. Originally working the mines in Wales, he moved to Dublin around 50 years ago and started selling ice-cream. At 75 he’s still driving each day with his route taking him to around areas in South Dublin, making him (presumably) Ireland’s oldest ice cream man…

Many things have changed over the decades but the demand for 99’s, screwballs and cones still remains, albeit not in the same volume, something John attributes to supermarkets. Despite this he still takes the van out for the majority of the year to the delight of the local kids, running out to see his old blue and white Austin van.

Even for older generations that nostalgia of seeing the ice-cream man brings happiness which essentially is what it’s all about. Plus, as John says himself, you’re never too old to enjoy an ice-cream.

ice-cream-mr-ripple-documentary-irishMyself and my partner Colin filmed and edited this in a few days for Taller Stories.

Gianni from Dolce Merda helped us with the sweet graphics.

A story to bring back memories and melt your heart!