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Filming in Dubai

Recently wrapped on a shoot in hot hot Dubai with API. First time to travel to the UAE.  Words can’t really describe Dubai. It wasn’t suprising, as its well documented in the media for its extravagance and “artificiality” but its only seeing it up close, do you fully realise the extent of what you hear. Lush high rise hotels, ocean front condos, world class golf courses, and thousands of goldsmith storefronts grouped together in shopping centers known as “souks” (pr. “sooks”). The Worlds tallest, the biggest, the fastest, the sexiest, the most expensive and the most outrageous place on earth. Las Vegas looks shallow, after diving into the entertainment Dubai has to offer.

Filming in Dubai is essentially a world class destination, and despite the hot weather its an absolute pleasure to work in. We’re excited to see the footage and results by the end of the summer.

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