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Dillisk is a seaside food project based in the wilderness of Aughrusbeg, in Connemara, county Galway in the late summer months. Being lucky enough to be invited it was a foodie and photographers dream. What is essentially an old makeshift shed in the middle of nowhere has turned into an incredible and¬†innovative popup food event and some of the best sustainable cooking you’ll ever come across, courtesy of uber talented young Katie Sanderson.


The most incredible setting for a secret dinner party


There was wine….lots of wine


A firm favourite: Greenhouse tomato broth with mussells, beans and pancetta


The conversations were largely centred around the new taste sensations the food had given…


The dinners consisted of seven courses with a emphasis on using seaweeds but subtly. Smoked Carrots with Creme fresh and Dillisk Pickle



Arrival G&T’s…


Room with a view: Compost Toliet


Journey through the rolling hills and fields of lovely Connemara. Fresh air. Colours and a wilderness you hardly ever witness in city life…

wild-west-photography-ireland-9 dillisk-food-project-connemara-event dillisk-food-project-connemara-event

The beautiful surroundings and magical sunset

dillisk-food-project-connemara-event dillisk-food-project-connemara-event

Perhaps the best part: Desert – Milk Carragheen with unripe Gooseberries and Fennel