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There’s nothing more irritating than dealing with overcast days as a photographer in Ireland. 90% of the time, thats exactly what we have to deal with. With the exception of creating moody B&W images, a cloudy day provides little contrast, vibrance, colours or shape to an image. Sometimes this is the desired conditions, but more often than not we’re craving a bit of sun here in Dublin.

Luckily for us, the lovely folk at Sleeklens have created simple and easy to use overlays and lens flares to help bring a bitta-umph to my not so interesting snaps.

With their “Skies Overlay Collection”, you are given an extensive tool kit to help create amazing looking images using a stunning 177 overlays, 36 Photoshop actions, 4 white flares as well as (very useful) 1 Light Ray overlay.

The Workflow

So how does it work?

So taking this pretty boring image of Edinburgh castle, I bring into Photoshop along with a sky overlay of my choosing. With some simple masking and using the provided Photoshop actions we can start to paint out the overcast skies.

As you can see after just 4 minutes its already looking a hell better…

Another great tool from this allows us to alter the tone and lighting to reflect photographs taken at Dusk, Golden Hour, Night etc….

I finally add a small bit of saturation and take the opacity down of the clouds and hey-presto!


Not perfect by any means but within 5 minutes, I’ve a pretty decent upgrade from the original image.

And finally….

Another one that I was quite impressed by was the lens flares included in the set.



What is included in the Skies Overlay Collection?

  • 4 White Flares Overlays
  • 1 Light Ray Overlay
  • 177 Skies Overlays – including sunsets, storm, cloudy and clear sky conditions
  • Sky Overlay Photoshop Actions (36 Actions)

For a discounted price of $69 (usually $99), its not exactly what I’d call a bargain. However, for the amount of skies included, and some decent results with the actions, it may be a necessity or the next step for any photographers looking to up their game in the Photoshop world. It’s certainly a relief for many folks with folders full of grey and overcast travel shots (ahem ahem)

You can have a look at this collection, tutorials and many more here at:

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