The Amazing Bluebells of Killinthomas Rathangan

By May 10, 2016 Travel

Recently went out location scouting for a music video we’re shooting at Taller Stories to the amazing enchanted forests in Rathangan, County Kildare. The time of the year is just perfect for a blend of purple and white with the bluebells and wild garlic awakening the senses of both smell and sight…


amazing-bluebells-ireland-forest-rathangan amazing-bluebells-ireland-forest-killinthomas amazing-bluebell-photo-forest-rathanganirish-photographer-steven-sheehy irish-photographer-steven-sheehy irish-photographer-steven-sheehy amazing-bluebells-ireland-forest-killinthomas amazing-bluebells-ireland-forest-killinthomas bluebells-kildare-purple beech-and-bluebells-kildare irish-roads-amazing-photo

Steven Sheehy

Author Steven Sheehy

Steven Sheehy is an Irish photographer, filmmaker, designer and travel blogger. His portfolio ranges from worldwide photography shoots, high profile TV shows to aerial photographs across the country.

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